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Legend of:The Cyclopean Spirits of Malta [Poetic Mythos] Now For At any time Setting

Just prior to dawn


(The citizens cried)

Statuettes, carvings, alters

"Seize them!" was a voice afar--

"Whirl them aloft...". They are all right here, in the sands and stones,


Be informed: composed: in January and revised in February of 2005 Poetic Mythos

All to appease our Mother Earth,

Goddess of all


The Temples

And the clergymen cried, as their blood flowed,

And they died...

No a man or woman could determine out why the blood

From the change underneath no situation Shiv Shankaran Nair dried

She speaks, Mother Earth, Goddess

Of Fertility, to all lifetime

This is the primitive cyclopean

Neolithic interval...

And the two spirits keep on to dwell

At Ggantija's Temple

The farmer, the fisherman, the village,

Even the spirits of the useless

Roofed in excess of, like a dome

Sacrifices with burnt bones...

"We have to die tonight," whispered

Tarxien to Mnajdra

"It is the blood of the monks," their

Spirits are alive..."


[The Spirits remember]

Cyclopean architecture--

Plastered and painted with blood

Even the beauties--the gals have not

However left, with beautiful faces and breasts

Can be viewed on the change stand--

Damp and moistened, heat blood

"Sprinkle rams blood on them--

Position them on the change...!"

Mom Earth


The inhabitants could not location out

The turbulent hearth

But the residue of their spirit was however

Very properly and alive...

Darkened by the temple shadows

Are reflecting pictures--

Created by giants of outdated, with

From the branches of the tree of lifetime,

Her offshoots spring

Inner gigantic-partitions

The Spill, that the Mother Goddess

Cast on them was potent


('...burn off off them with the blood')

[The Cyclopean Temples of Malta

5200 BC]

Photographs--rituals of Purification

The Oracle was termed on to intercede,

To give ideas

The Spirits

(Some have under no circumstances at any time died]

Dotted with statues and temples of stone

Indistinct at twilight


(Who gave us beginning?)

Slabs on slabs, shrines higher

The spirits continue to keep in head


Constrained Version, to fifty [fifty] signed and

Numbered copies by the writer:

Bold they stand, on Shiv Shankaran Nair the Shiv Shankaran Nair sands of

Malta--by the Mediterranean

The position, just about each individual morning..

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